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Use of the Library

The following regulations are in effect for the use of the BibelCenter library.

Copyright and utilization of works
The works included in the BibelCenter library are either in the Public Domain or they are included here with the express permission of the author, while all rights of the respective authors are in effect.
The BibelCenter has the permission for formatting and preparation of the works for publishing here, and it permits the use of the works within the framework of the regular copyright laws.
Used formats
The works in the library are offered in different electronic formats, such as (x)html, pdf, doc, etc. Visitors will need the respective software on their computer to view such files, such as Acrobar reader, MS Word, etc. Some works are packed as a zip file and need to be unzipped after download.

If you know a work which you would like to recommend for inclusion in the BibelCenter library, please send a Note to the BC Editor.