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Juan Baixeras

This page features some of the works of Juan Baixeras. Juan works as a pilot for a large airline and lives in Miami, FLorida, USA. He writes on a non-denominational basis, and is concerned with research on Christian doctrines and their origins. He also writes occasionaly for a Christian magazine.

Several other studies of Juan can be found at the Jesus The Messiah And His Kingdom website (studies in English and Spanish).

List of works by Juan Baixeras: God and Jesus the Messiah(*)
Who is Jesus? for Dummies
Who is Jesus? ... according to scholars & reference works
Understanding the Father Son and Holy Spirit
A Patristic Study of the Kingdom of God and the Development of the Trinity
After Nicea
Understanding "Messiah"
In the beginning was the Word
Jesus is omniscient?
Was Jesus really tempted?
The Blasphemy of Jesus of Nazareth …
Did Jesus really die?
Colossians 1:15-20
John 10:17-18
Philippians 2:5-9
The Blessed Trinity (Catholic Encyclopedia)
Two Gods?

Note from the Editor:
The works of J. Baixeras are included here and published by the BibelCenter with his permission.

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