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The BibelCenter website does not only contain works of authors associated with the BibelCenter, but also works of "foreign" authors. Such works are published here in the library section.

Authors who would like to provide works for the BibelCenter library, should contact the editor and make their .

The works included in the library do at times differ from the biblical teaching normally seen at the BibelCenter website. The respective authors are responsible for the contents of their works. The BibelCenter is concerned to only include such works which will be helpful to believers for their learning and growth in a knowledge of the Bible.

Works from the following authors (listed in alphabetical order) have been included in the library:


The works in the BibelCenter library are either in the Public Domain and are no longer restricted by copyrights, or the respective authors have given their permission for inclusion on the BibelCenter website. Should a work, contrary to our current knowledge, violate a copyright, please notify us immediately and in such a case send a Note to the BC Editor.